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Larry Friend

Inspirational Children's Author 


Larry Friend is a children’s author living in Libertyville, Illinois. After many years as a real estate agent, Larry thought about  writing a book for kids. A trip to Alaska with his wife Nancy provided the inspiration he needed. The magnificent scenery brought “Icy the Iceberg” to life. Larry wrote his first book inside the library of the cruise ship.

His first book, “Icy the Iceberg,” was published in 2008. The book tells the story of how an iceberg is created.  Larry’s sister Sidney “Mindy” Makis who lives in Binghamton, NY, illustrated “Icy the Iceberg”.  

His second book, “Squirrelly the Squirrel & Starlett” was published in 2012. It is an enchanting love story sure to delight readers both young and old.

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